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Poker Stars $600 deposit bonus and download

Poker Stars is a monstrous poker venue in the ocean of poker venues online. The poker room has entered the Guinness Book for its incredible number of players among all the online poker games in the year 2007. At that time there were about 151,758 players in the room but now the scenario has changed. More than 250,000 players can be seen in the room at the peak hours specially. This is truly an astonishing fact. The activity, tournaments and cash-prizes in the room are enormously great, and are available round-the-clock.

Poker Stars logo
This poker room attracts so many players to it as it has got a Cinderella story to it. In the World Series Poker Competition held in the year 2003, a player entered poker room with just 40 USD and turned it into 2.4 million USD, by winning the tournament. With this success, the fate of poker rooms changed tremendously, and millions of players are attracted towards to poker and gambling games online. People playing this game think that with the little skill and knowledge they have regarding the game, they can earn glory and riches.

Software & Graphics at Poker Stars

The software of poker stars is designed in such a way that it gives the users a robust gaming experience online. The number shuffling techniques, user interface i.e. customizable, logical and easy-to-understand design, graphics which are clear and hand data investigations etc make the software the most glorious and superb. Some of the boundless features of poker stars room include
• Crisp and clear software
• Fluid play
• Choice of avatars
• Limitless online games & tournaments
• Notes for players
• Excellent support
• Callback option for previous 200 hands
• Game profiles can be saved

Poker Stars table

Poker Stars .com Player Traffic

The activity on poker stars room especially during peak hours is tremendously high, almost unbelievable. You can find all types of players’ right from a daily wager with his hard earned money and dreams to hit a jack-pot to professionals who are eagerly waiting to crash you down to the least scoring points. Among those very few poker sites online, Poker Stars is one room which permits entry for US players too. You can find these players especially at high or middle stake range games, waiting to pull the tournament towards.

Many Varieties of games are hosted by Poker Stars gaming venue. Some of them include:
• Omaha
• Texas Hold’em
• Omaha High/Lo
• Razz
• 7Card Stud
• 5Card Draw
• 7Card Stud- High/Lo
• 8-game Mix
• Badugi

Poker Stars screen

Poker Stars Tournaments
Wide range of tournaments are conducted in Poker Stars room, where the buy-ins range from a minimum of $0.01 to a maximum of $10,000 and also offer prize-pools which are tremendously large amounts, sometimes exceeding the mark of 1.5 million Dollars. One or the other tournament or game keeps on going in this room, round-the-clock. Not just the number of tournaments makes Poker Stars extraordinary; it is the multifariousness in the tournaments and games they conduct.
Beginner training
For beginners, poker stars room is the best place to begin with. Many games and ‘play-money” activities are held where beginners can have a kick start in poker.