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Bodog Poker $500 deposit bonus and download

Bodog Poker room is one of those companies which provide the users with wide variety of games online. This poker venue is a gaming partner of Bodog Entertainments, which is company of digital and media entertainment offering wide range of gaming services along with bookmarking service, the online casino, and also a division for television production. The activity at the venue is not very high, where you can see just about 5,000 players during peak hours online. You can also play against pros, as Bodog offers two pros David Williams and Evelyn Ng. the room offers many new games especially for new players or beginners as they keep the range of their stakes in mind. Bodog is one among those few poker venues which allow the entry of US players to the room.

Bodog poker logo

Bodog Poker Software

Bodog has got a fantabulous software features offering outstanding graphics and decent functionality. The software has a nice advancement in it called three-in-one mode, where in the player has a facility to see three tables simultaneously, at the same time in one window. The designers of the poker room took so much time to come up with fantabulous software which matches to the classic Bodog Entertainment standards. Though it took so much time it came up with versatile and great software, taking the merits and demerits of all the other poker rooms, thus set a standard in poker softwares.
The software has an interface which is user-friendly, and also provides easy navigation while gaming. Bodog has a “quick seat” feature which allows the user to quickly occupy a seat at the desired game, at the right stake level. The software of Bodog doesn’t have all those fancy kind of things like tables, avatars etc; it has only poker. Other features of the software include table colors that are customizable, player notes, foldable hand display, quick and smooth functionality, statistical analysis, game details etc.

Bodog poker table

Bodog Poker Activity

The activity at Bodog is not very high but you can find all kinds of games. The action at Bodog Poker venue is quite luscious with many novices and also those pros. the challenges get tighten, as the game moves on. This poker venue offers so many varieties of games like
• Omaha
• Texas Hold’em
• Omaha High/Lo
• 7Card Stud
• 5Card Stud
• 7Card Stud- High/Lo

The options of tournaments at Bodog are very wide and superb. Users get so much opportunity to test all types of games they wish to. The activity in the poker room is very high during tournaments. The tournaments at Bodog are swift, integrated and well-organized. The buy-in amounts range from a smallest amount of 1$ to highest amount of hundreds and hundreds of dollars. The prize-rolls in the tournaments also account for a decent amount.

Bodog poker screen
Beginners in Bodog Poker
Bodog Poker venue is a nice abode for novices to start with gambling and poker. One can find large variety of games and the beginners get to know all types of games. This room also provides prizes and cash for some games where in the users need not deposit any money. It facilitates new users to learn so much regarding poker.