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888 poker deposit bonus up to $888 and download

888 poker is one of the most popular online poker games, loved by most of the US players. 888.com is one of those online poker gaming venues which is leading presently, and it consists of 888 poker along with Casino-on-Net games. 888 was officially launched in 1997, and it claims that more than 30 million gamers have been using the services since then. Apart from the online games, 888 is also availing services like sports betting, bingo and backgammon. For modest players, 888 poker game is a good deal and can gain a nice profit playing this. Recently a new version was launched by 888 for the game which gives a better gaming experience with a fresh look, a new flavor and fresh rental offers.
888 poker was the first online gambling venue which came up with 3D gaming facility which requires 3D glasses for viewing them. With this 3D poker game, users can get amazing 3D gaming experience, in a 3D gaming environment & gaming table with 3 dimensioned opposing players, gives a feel of real game. 888 poker version 6.0 is truly an incredible software giving gamers a superb experience of 3D gaming. The upgraded software of 888 provides enhanced serviceability and functioning.

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Standout characteristics of 888 poker

The new software re launched is an awesome user friendly room, especially for the beginners. Other facilities like a new room for tournaments, betterment in customization and navigation, the brand new online-store and community site are really the outstanding features of the gaming room. The community site of 888 poker is an amazing site for the gamers where they can talk, chat, share videos & pictures, plan the gaming strategies etc with all the gamers in the community.
The celebrity representatives of 888 poker room hold some professional blogs on 888 and thus give useful tips, new gaming opportunities etc. The staff of 888.com is also the members of the community thus gamers get to know the staff too.
The online store has got numerous varieties of branded books, electronics, DVD’s, merchandise etc. Gamers can utilize their gained/ reward points in at this online-store.

888 poker tableThe activity of 888 poker

The activity of 888 poker is very good, in fact, better than many other poker rooms, with more than 12,000 gamers in it. Many beginners start gaming in this poker game, hence more chances of taking risk. To be true, they don’t take risks but as they are inexperienced they tend to roulette. This will turn as a benefit for experienced, decent players in the room.
Selection of games at 888 is not astonishingly impressive, but it offers good deal of games too. The main game course, 888 offers is:
• Omaha
• Texas Hold’em
• 7Card Stud
• Omaha Hi/Lo
• 7Card Stud -Hi/Lo

Tournaments in 888 poker

888 poker conducts many tournaments which give rich experience to the gamers. It has got all gaming formats like Sit&Go, multi tables, single tables etc and tournaments that are hosted by 888 are Omaha & Texas Hold’em. The buy-in sum of the games is also very affordable and there is wide variety of offers in them too.

888 poker screenOn the whole, 888 poker is the best gaming room option for beginners and for people who wanted to take gambling as side option of income. The outstanding features and services offered by the latest version are again the driving factors of the poker room. The 888 offers excellent user support which gives round-the-clock service to customers. Reward points while gaming are also one of the best features of 888 poker. These all features make 888 poker as one of the most popular gambling venues.